Free Salesforce NPSP 3.0 Upgrade Assessment

Schedule a free NPSP 3.0 upgrade assessment with KELL Partners. As a certified Salesforce Strategic Partner, we’ve helped more than 850+ nonprofits implement Salesforce and have performed dozens of upgrades and hundreds of migrations for nonprofits. Before you take the plunge, it’s important to do your due diligence. We can help.

How does it work? We perform a comprehensive diagnostic to see if your upgrade can be easy and DIY, or may need some assistance. Our diagnostic does not require that we install anything or make any changes to your Salesforce instance.

How long does it take? Each assessment only takes about 30 minutes and we can usually perform them within the week. We won’t leave a trace!

Why do it? Performing an upgrade to NPSP 3.0 can be super straight-forward or it might pull a few loose threads that will unravel some work in your Salesforce instance. Before you consider performing the upgrade you need to know if you’ll encounter some common problems.

Contact us today to get started